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Customer Feedback

"There's treasure at TreasureCove!" TH, Az  
"Honest & fair ... what a great job!" DS, Mi

"Cleans each and every part ... leaves no part unturned" MS, Mi  

"Exactly as I expected - no surprises!" JDS, Ca

"Other sellers (dealers) on eBay should learn from the example TreasureCove sets ... you guys ROCK!" ED, In

"Thanks again, you're a true credit to the pinball community" CB, N

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The TreasureCove restoration process ...

Playfields are completely disassembled, cleaned and machine polished.
Any unserviceable wear around outholes are professionally repaired back to "as-new".
All playfield metal ball guides are cleaned and usually regrained.
All plastics are cleaned, repaired or replaced as necessary.
All topside light bulbs are replaced.
Playfield decals replaced as needed.
Shooter lanes and ball drops restored when necessary.
All rubber rings replaced.
Playfield underside, Cabinet & Backbox insides meticulously cleaned.
Lockdown bars and side rails replaced when necessary.
All mechanical components are cleaned & serviced to insure proper operation.
All electronic assemblies are also serviced to insure proper operation.
Cabinet scratches and scuffs repaired, repainted and/or coated for protection.
Lockdown bar bracket cleaned and refurbished.
Coin doors either replaced with new or restored to 'as-new' condition.
Legs and leg levelers cleaned or replaced with a new set.
All games are Q.C.'d and playtested to make sure everything is working 'as-new

So, ... while a Shop-Job consists of wiping down the playfield, changing broken rubbers and burnt out light bulbs, a typical TreasureCove restoration consists of much more:

The Playfield:    The upper playfield is completely disassembled, then the surface is cleaned, machine scrubbed and buffed with Novus to get rid of ball marks and ground-in dirt. We also inspect the playfield for wear around the outholes, inserts & ball drops. Any wear in these areas are also repaired using proven techniques, repainted &Who said SlingShots are hard to replace? lacquered as necessary. All ball guides, plastics, and other playfield items are thoroughly cleaned, with broken parts and plastics getting either repaired or replaced as needed. All rubbers and bulbs are also replaced. Any underside playfield ramps are also removed and cleaned. Then, we inspect all coils and mechanics and completely rebuild the flipper assemblies at this time. All plastic ramps and troughs are also cleaned back to clear and shiny using a good scrubbing with Novus and the torch technique. Target foam is replaced and all wafer switches burnished. Target and other playfield decals are also replaced if needed. Shooter lanes are cleaned and refinished too. The last step is a generous coat of Carnauba Wax and a high speed polish.

Here's some photos of us repairing the spider hole on a Scared Stiff:

1. Spider hole needing
some TLC.

2. JB Weld applied and
formed to edges.

3. Sand smooth and
paint to match.

4. 15 coats of lacquer and
this baby is ready to go!

     The Cabinet:     The cabinet is first cleaned and sanitized (to get rid of as much smoke odor, if present, as we can), both inside and outside. Then the cabinet inside walls are repainted with a fresh coat of high gloss black. Also reconditioned is the lockdown bar bracket. The coin door is removed, cleaned, sanded and repainted back to its original 'splatter black' finish. Any scuffs, scratches or marks on the outside of the cabinet are filled with automotive bondo, sanded, repainted using an airbrush, then sealed and finished with lacquer. We also inspect the side rails, and if they're dented and damaged we'll replace them with new ones. If the legs are rust-free, then we'll clean them with CLR, but if they're damaged, we'll include a new set with new leg levelers & bolts. The cabinet slides are replaced if needed, and we also inspect the AC line cord and replace if worn or damaged

      The Electronics:   All boards are thoroughly inspected for proper operation, damage & burns with the appropriate action taken where needed. If any Power Driver board connectors are burnt and not serviceable, then we'll repair ... crimping new pins w/ housing and placing the board connectors themselves on the board. The CPU is inspected for battery acid damage and the batteries are always replaced.

Have you been smoking? I haven't been smoking!

      Testing & Quality Control:   Switch tests are performed with bad switches being replaced or adjusted as needed. Lamp/Flasher tests are done to make sure all circuits and bulbs are working properly. Solenoid tests are performed. Game specific tests are performed. Display test are done. The Dot Matrix display will also be checked for weakness and/or missing pixels, and will be replaced if not in acceptable condition. We also check for a horizontal black bar running thru the display and will replace the capacitors on the Display driver board if needed. Factory reset game, set minimum volume override, and set game on free play. Game play-testing.  We play the game between 20-50 plays, making any final adjustments on switches, sling shots and other playfield toys to make sure game plays properly and as it did when new.


Some machines have a history of having faded cabinets (Indiana Jones, Fish Tales, etc.) and some have a habit of having the decals peel away around the legs (Monster Bash, Cactus Canyon). These machines will usually require having a new decal set applied, which adds considerable cost to the restoration, both in labor and the fact that decal sets can cost up to $300. Here's some photos of an Indiana Jones we recently installed a new set of decals on: (doing the job right, requires a lot of time!)

This cabinet is SLIGHTLY faded!.... just SLIGHTLY!  :)
Worn & Faded!
definitely needs the TC touch!

Disassembled, sanded,
primered and prepped!

there's only one word that
describes the end result - WOW!

Back to new again, and ready
for it's new home!


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