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World Cup Soccer
Collector Quality   Mar., 2005

(Photos & text shown are from the actual eBay auction done at the time of the restoration)


You won't find a nicer game anywhere!!

DMD Display is nice and bright!

Cabinet is in excellent condition!

World Cup Soccer

Up for auction is one very nice World Cup Soccer pinball machine, restored to as close to "Factory Fresh" as we could possibly make it.

We completely disassembled the game and began the restoration process. The playfield was stripped and all metal parts were cleaned and all the metal ball guides were re-grained. All bulbs and rubbers replaced. All Flippers rebuilt. Game has new NOS Soccer ball and Plastics Set installed, new side rails as well as custom Ball Shooter and Topper. The outholes needed just a few minor touchups.

The cabinet/backbox needed just a few touchups. Included with the game are new legs/levelers/bolts as well as a new locks/keys.

The game was tested - functions perfectly with no errors, and plays very fast! 30-day warranty on all electronic boards.

If you have less than 10 eBay Feedbacks, ... please email me first before attempting to bid. Failure to do so will get your bid cancelled.

Close up of "Custom" Shooter and lockdown bar.
New Side Rails also installed!!

Custom Topper!!

Upper Playfield. New Plastics Set installed.

Lower playfield, apron and lockdown bar bracket.

Another view of apron.

Upper playfield detail.

No insert problems or wear.

Outholes needed just a small touchup.

Touchup in white at the edge of outhole.

Ball Shooter Lane.

Playfield polished out to a high gloss!


All ramps and troughs are nice and clear with no cracks.

NEW Plastics Set installed!

This game looks about as new as you can get!!

It would be extremely difficult to find a WCS in better condition than this one!

Ball drop area.

Ball drop area.

Beautiful Playfield!

Closeup of Outholes

Closeup of Outholes

Playfield Underside and Cabinet insides meticulously cleaned!

Cabinet inside is also very nice & clean!!

Translite is nice with no scratches.

No burnt connectors!

New hardware and furniture glides.


NO Security Drill Holes!!


Backbox had a scratch on right side, touched up.
Colors are great with little or no fading!!

(just the slightest amount of yellow fading in above photo along soccer players left side outline)

That's all folks!!


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