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Restored, new side rails, new ramp,
plastics set, Orbit & Mantis protectors,
Smooth Clearcoated playfield and more!

BALLY - 1992
One of *THE* most popular pinball machines ever made!

New parts: Legs, Corner Protectors,
Clear Main Ramp, Side Rails, Complete Plastics Set,
Pop Bumper Caps, Star Posts, Rubbers, Bulbs, Ball Shooter,
Flipper Buttons, Flipper Bats, Hole Protector,
Playfield Glass, DMD Display, Uncle Fester,
New Topper & topper decals, new display driver board
Backboard Decal, Extra Parts Bag, Manual & Pinballs.

Excellent Collector Quality!

($500 deposit via paypal)


You won't find a nicer game anywhere!! 

Leg protectors included.


The Addams Family!

Up for sale is one very nice The Addams Family pinball machine, restored to as close to "Factory Fresh" as we could possibly make it.

While the machine was torn down for restoration, we gave it a super cleaning, polished/re-grained the metal ball guides, and put all small metal parts through a Berry polisher. The playfield was touched up and then clearcoated to a high gloss shine. Of course we replaced all rubbers and bulbs as well, rebuilt the Pop Bumpers and all Flippers. We also installed a set of Mantis protectors. A complete playfield plastics set was also installed as well as a new clear ramp, targets, pop bumper caps, star posts, and new DMD Display. Both the backbox and cabinet insides were cleaned, detailed and repainted.

The cabinet outside was touched up and brought back to factory fresh. We also installed new side rails. Included with the game are new legs/levelers/bolts as well as balls, manual, parts bags & locks/keys.

The game was tested - functions perfectly with no errors, and plays very fast! 30-day warranty on all electronic boards.

Upper playfield photo.

Lower Playfield

Uncle Fester added. Outhole repaired and mantis protector installed.

Target decals from Pinball Decals.

New playfield plastic set, plus Orbit plastic protectors added.

Playfield has high gloss super smooth & hard clearcoat that
will help keep your game looking new for years to come!

New Clear Ramp. and New backboard and bookcase decal installed.


Orbit Plastics protectors!

Playfield was clearcoated.  ... VERY NICE!!!

All metal parts cleaned, polished, & regrained.

New Topper & decals installed!!  .. no cracks or breaks!!

Spare parts bag, and manuals included.

Playfield underside meticulously cleaned.

Cabinet inside disassembled, cleaned & repainted.

New Display Driver board installed! Cool running - long life!!

New side rails

Beautiful Cabinet!


Nice view of cabinet back. Cleaned, repainted.




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