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Road Show
Excellent Restored Condition - Oct,  2005.
(Photos & text shown are from the actual eBay auction done at the time of the restoration)

You won't find a nicer game anywhere!!

DMD Display is nice and bright!

Close up of cabinet front. .. Colors are nice and bright!!

Closeup of Backbox, ... no scratches or gouges.

Road Show

Up for auction is one very nice Road Show pinball machine, restored to as close to "Factory Fresh" as we could possibly make it.

We completely disassembled the game and began the restoration process. The playfield was stripped and all parts were cleaned and polished. All metal parts were polished with a Berry polisher and regrained. The playfield surface also received our special machine buffing, polishing & waxing back to a new high gloss shine.  All bulbs and rubbers replaced. All Flippers rebuilt. Red and Ted completely restored. New backboard and bulldozer decals. Radio detailed. New shooter rods & hardware.

The cabinet needed just a few touchups. Included with the game are new blue legs/levelers/bolts as well as manuals, & locks/keys.

The game was tested - functions perfectly with no errors, and plays very fast! 30-day warranty on all electronic boards. do so will get your bid cancelled.

 PAYPAL not accepted for this auction.

Upper playfield photo. Ramps are nice and clear!
Note: new backboard & bulldozer decals, all exposed switches are covered.
Radio is detailed.

Lower Playfield. Locking bar bracket removed, cleaned and restored.

Upper playfield. Red and Ted were completely removed, disassembled, cleaned
and restored back to factory fresh functionality.

Upper Playfield Detail. You WON'T find a nicer Road Show!

New sign (Single Lane) added to cover broken lower right corner of
Bridge Out plastic. (an extra used, but good, bridge out plastic
will be included when machine ships)

No insert touch ups on playfield. All metal parts polished and/or

Start City outhole repaired and protector added.

Excellent condition!

Start City outhole! Playfield really shines!

New slingshot plastics, slingshot protectors, all new rubber.

Apron sanded to bare metal, painted and restored.

All ramps and troughs are nice and clear, but have a few
hairline cracks at the ramp entrances. (repaired)

Everything on this game was completely disassembled during
the restoration process.

No insert problems at all. Playfield is beautiful!

Lower playfield detail.

Ball shooter lane cleaned up.

Pop Bumpers serviced & rebuilt.

New flipper bats.

Playfield underneath.

SUPER CLEAN too!! Now where's that speck of dirt?


Cabinet inside completely cleaned and repainted.

Many hours spent on the restoration of this game.

Translite had one small scratch, backbox electronics all in great shape.
All original boards with matching serial numbers.


One security hole on right, filled and painted. Coin door restored.
All new Shooter rods and hardware installed.
New original style legs. Some minor wrinkling under legs.


Backbox - VERY NICE!!! no gouges or scratches.

Cabinet is very nice needing just a few touchups.



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