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The ULTIMATE Playfield
Cleaning and Polishing Kit!!

Our playfield scrubber was an instant hit, but now we bring you the ultimate in playfield shine and gloss. We've studied, did trial and error, and have finally came up with a total cleaning polishing system for you to use on your playfields. We even formulated our own PowerCut compounds to do the job right, with the least work, while providing the highest possible shine. The other main "Novus" compounds used are really only designed for acrylics and are extremely inadequate for painted hard-coat playfields.

NOTE: Our PowerCut Compounds are unique blends of cutting and polishing agents that are manufactured by name brand companies like 3M and Dupont. It took us over three months to develop these formulas for use on pinball playfields.
PowerCut compounds are ONLY sold by TreasureCove.

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TreasureCove WaxMaster KIT ...   


Need more proof?
  Here is a review of the polishing kit:

 CLICK HERE to see a review of the Shine Master Kit written by Randy Peck for PinGame Journal.

Shown here is the "Shine Master Combo Kit"

The TreasureCove Cleaning and Polishing system for Pinball Machines!
from left to right, the Mini 2" Polishing Kit, 4" Wool pad, 4" yellow coarse foam pad,
4" fine black pad, and velcro backing pad drill attachment. In rear are the PowerCut compounds.

INCLUDES A 30 MIN DVD Instructional Video!!! (sorry tape not available)

For pricing and purchase,  CLICK HERE --->>>> 

Typical playfield, dirty, worn with ball marks and the shine is long gone! The first step is to clean off the surface dirt with a cleaner like Simple Green or other cleaner.

The Drill that we use is the 3/8 DeWalt VSR Drill that will do 0 - 2500rpm. For the initial pass,
we'll use the yellow 4" coarse foam pad w/ Velcro backing plate.

Here you can see that we've put just a small dollop of PowerCut #2 on the playfield (about 1/2 teaspoon).
Remember, depending on how dirty the playfield is, you might want to use PowerCut #3 instead.

With your fingers, spread out the compound "thinly" over the lower playfield. You don't need much, besides, the more you use, will only splatter all over the side of the playfield, ... so "less is more" in this situation.

Run the drill at about half speed using light pressure as you work the material into the surface.

Back and forth, easy does it, until the compound is all worked in.

Put another dollop on the upper section of the playfield.

Then spread it out "thinly" with your fingers and the palm of your hand.

Work the upper playfield the same way as before, using light pressure and constant back
and forth motion on the drill.

We initially used PowerCut #3 on the playfield, so now we're going back over it using PowerCut #2
using the same technique! You can begin to see the high gloss & reflection start to come in!!

This game has the Mylar "half-moons" in front of the slingshots so we'll put just another drop of PowerCut #3 on them and use the drill on high speed to really bring out the shine on the Mylar.

Now we're ready for the final pass using PowerCut #1 Glaze/Polish and the drill running at high speed.

For using PowerCut #1, always use the find black foam pad. Remember, just a small amount is all
that's needed. Use light pressure with the drill at high speed.

Easy does it, with just a small amount of PowerCut #1 spread out very thinly over the surface.

After you're finished, wipe up any residue with a soft cloth.

When done, any traces of ball marks or ground-in dirt should just about be all gone!

The end result is truly amazing folks! I've shined up allot of playfields in my day, but nothing matches this.
They almost look like they were clear coated!!

A real Beauty!!

This baby looks clear coated!! BTW, the total time for polishing this playfield - 15 minutes!!!
and remember, the area in front of that sling shot has a Mylar oval,
but it's so shiny, you can't tell it's even there!


Here's a "BEFORE" photo of a Roller Games. (note ground-in dirt on green pants)

and the "AFTER" photo in just 10 minutes using the Shine Master!!


"I was thoroughly impressed with the original TreasureCove Playfield Scrubbers, but the new and improved Playfield Cleaning and Polishing Kit produces superior results in less time, with less work and mess! I can get a nicer shine in 15 minutes than I formerly did polishing for hours by hand. Gone are the days of hand-polishing playfields with Novus #2!  My CFTBL and T2 playfields have never looked better. Truly a bargain ... "   John Wart Jr. Columbus, IN


Now, I'll show you how and where to use the Mini Polishing Kit!

Here, Brian is using the mini-felt pad on the areas in-between the pop bumpers! Note that he probably put on a little too much PowerCut #3, ... but since it's Mylar, it'll shine back up to new!

Just the right size for fitting in those small areas of the playfield!

Here's another tip: You also can use the polisher on the cabinets as well for an outstanding shine!
I prefer to use the wool pad for cabinets though.  Do NOT use the polisher on cabinets with decals!

Questions?  I get asked al the time about polishing older playfields, ... pre 1990. Will it work? Will it damage the playfields? Can I use it on mylar?

For older playfields, whether the Shine Master will work or not depends on the current condition of the playfield. Is is worn to the point that using your fingernail you can lift off pieces of the paint easily? If so, then do NOT use the kit on playfields like this. If the playfield is in good shape, ... just extremely dirty, ... then use the Kit, ... but proceed with caution and try the kit on a small area first. I've done a few older games myself using the kit and here's what I did. I started off using PC#2 first, instead of PC#3, ... then after I found out that the playfield was ok, .... I then mixed just a little PC#3 with the PC#2 on the surface before I buffed it out, .... worked great! I went slowly over the playfield running the drill at half speed and I made sure that I kept the buffer moving on the surface and didn't stop it in any one place.

Bottom line? Your results will vary using the kit, especially on older playfields depending on the condition of the surface. Try the kit on a small area first, ... use PC#2 instead of PC#3, ... run the drill at a slower rpm instead of high speed ...  you can also use the compounds 'manually', first scrubbing with a rag instead of the using the drill to see the results. If you're still in doubt, then don't use the kit on playfields in this condition.

Using the kit on mylar presents no problems, ... just use PC#3, ... and buff away!! (mylar will take longer to shine!)

                   For pricing and purchase of our outstanding polishing kits ...



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