Medieval Madness
Superb Collector Quality - January 2008


You won't find a nicer game anywhere!!

Extremely Nice!

Medieval Madness

We spared no expense in making this the nicest MM we could for our customer, including clearcoated playfield, new plastics, protectors, plus many other new parts.

Detailed Castle & Dragon, MM Knights set.

Lower playfield

Another view of Castle

Castle closeup showing detail.

New plastics & plastics protectors & moat.

All metal polished, regrained. New switch covers.

New target decals. Clearcoated playfield really shines!

New backboard decal, also installed switch covers.

Multi-colored LEDs installed for "Battle for the Kingdom" & "Merlins Magic"

Playfield underside, completely cleaned, detailed, & tie wrapped.

Cabinet inside also cleaned, sanded, repainted. Note PinballPro Subwoofer.
All metal parts polished & regrained.

All Cables re-routed and tie-wrapped.

PinballPro Speaker system.


New DMD display.

Red leds installed in TROLL eyes!

New Coin Door & leg protectors.



Below photos taken during the restoration process.

New side rails.





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