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Restored, New Cabinet Decals, side rails,
plastics set, Orbit & Mantis protectors
& Smooth Clearcoated playfield!

Williams - 1993
One of *THE* best pinball machines ever made!
Superb Collector Quality!

(scroll down to see the game)





One of the greatest pinball machines ever made!     Mfg. by Williams in 1993.

Excellent Collector Quality, w/ complete LED Kit,
clearcoated playfield, new cabinet decals,
Gold (brass-plated) upgrade kit
and much much more!


Below is how the game was auctioned on eBay......



- Indiana Jones  -

Up for auction is one extremely nice Indiana Jones pinball machine. I don't think you'll find a nicer
one anywhere ... so bid now, ... don't let this one get away!

This game has been completely restored & refurbished and is sure to please even the most
discriminating buyer. Here's a partial list of work done and items added to this game:

  1. New Cabinet Decals  
  2. Brass-plated Upgrade kit: Legs, Side Rails, Lockdown bar, Apron Bracket, Gun Shooter  
  3. Leg Protectors  
  4. Metal ramps & habitrails re-plated  
  5. New playfield plastics  
  6. Plastics Protector Set, & Ramp Flaps  
  7. Idol ruins plastic  
  8. Complete "super brite" LED conversion (cointaker.com)  
  9. Stainless Playfield Support Brackets  
  10. Flipper & Pop Bumper Assemblies re-worked  
  11. Coil Sleeves replaced.  
  12 Playfield Wiring Harness re-worked and tie-wrapped  
  13. Cabinet & Backbox insides cleaned, sanded and repainted.  
  14. All Electronic boards serviced.  
  15. New Bi-plane and working propeller  
  16 New backboard decal and sideboard decal set.  
  17 Apron restored w/ new decals, instruction cards and plated bracket.  
  18 Playfield cleaned, w/ touchup and heavy clear-coating.  
  19 All metal parts polished and re-grained.  
  20. All new rubbers.  
  21. New Flipper Optos.  
  22. New manual, locks, keys, coin box and lid.  
  23. Target bank protector.  
  24. New DMD Display  
  25. Latest CPU ROM installed.  

The game was tested - plays 100%, and plays very fast!
All electronic boards have a 30-day warranty.
FREE Telephone Tech-Support.


SHIPPING:     We can accommodate the successful bidder if you want to
have the game shipped via North American Van Lines at buyers expense.
(Machine located just outside Louisville, KY)
(for a shipping quote call NAVL 
Michelle @ 630 352 3312)


Front of the game showing the 'Gold Upgrade' Kit with heavy
brass plating on the Gun handle shooter.

Leg protectors are included as well.

This is the way they originally should have made the game at the factory!

The playfield has been clearcoated to provide a durable high gloss finish
and give you many years of troublefree service.

All metal ramps have been re-plated for an outstanding shine and durability.
Most playfield plastics have protectors installed to prevent
breakage during game play.

All ramps have new ramp flaps. Target bank protector installed.

(can be viewed at HD, 1280x720p - fullscreen)
Showing around the playfield



New Bi-plane and working propeller mod installed.
New backboard decal installed. All metal parts polished and re-grained.

New Idol Ruins plastic installed. New target decals.


(can be viewed at HD, 1280x720p - fullscreen)
showing the game in action w/ 'SUPER BRITE' LED KIT
The LED Kit is from 'cointaker.com'
Many thanks to Chris and Melissa for their great customer service!


"pssst ..... get a cointaker.com LED Kit, ... you'll be glad you did!"

Nice view showing the slingshot plastic w/ protector plastic installed underneath.

You also can see the 'super brite' frosted LEDs installed in place of the standard bulbs.

Beautiful playfield!

Another close up showing the brass plating on the ramps and
the new Idol Ruins plastic.

Underneath the playfield showing how clean it is.
Also notice that the cable harness has been routed and tie-wrapped.

(can be viewed at HD, 1280x720p - fullscreen)
Showing inside the cabinet and backbox.





Stainless steel playfield support brackets installed!

Flipper and Pop Bumper assemblies re-worked with all new parts.
All coil sleeves replaced.

New coin box and lid.

 Laminated tech chart. Spare parts bag.

Now where's that speck of dirt??????

Translite is clean with no scratches.

Laminated tech chart on back on insert panel.

Boards have been cleaned and serviced. New connectors installed for GI circuits.

New DMD Display installed.

Front of game.


(can be viewed at HD, 1280x720p - fullscreen)
Showing around the outside of the Cabinet







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