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GUNS N' ROSES Pinball Machine
Data East - 1994
Welcome to the "Pinball" Jungle!!

Excellent Collector Quality!

($500 deposit via paypal)



Beautiful Game! No drill holes, in a collector's home
for many years! - You won't be disappointed!

No gouges/marks under legs! (leg protectors included)

You won't find a nicer GnR anywhere!!


Guns N Roses

For sale is one very nice Guns N Roses pinball machine, restored to as close to "Factory Fresh" as you'll ever see. This game was in exceptionally nice condition to begin with as it was purchased from a (non smoking) collector who had the game in his home since 1995.

The game really needed nothing other than a good playfield cleanup, and vacuum in the cabinet bottom - extremely nice. The playfield had all topside parts removed, cleaned and polished to a high gloss. All rubbers and bulbs replaced. All ramps are in excellent condition with nothing broken. All three flippers were re-built using Data East re-build kits. New backboard decal installed. Playfield needed a small touchup in front of Axl kickout. (mylar protector installed). New dmd display installed. The topper is missing from this game.

The cabinet/backbox needed just a touchup on the right side backbox (small scratch). Included with the game are new levelers/bolts as well as manual, balls, manuals & locks/keys.

The electronic boards are all in great shape with none of the usual connector burns or shoddy repairs. In fact, it looks like there's never been any repairs to these boards.

The game was tested - functions perfectly with no errors, and plays very fast! 30-day warranty on all electronic boards.

Upper Playfield.

Lower Playfield ... Clean Clean Clean!!!

Ramps are both in great shape. New Axl plastic installed.

Playfield excellent and polished out to a very nice high gloss!

Shooter lane also very nice.

Super Nice!  Outhole had a small amount of wear so a hyperthin Cliffy
protector installed.

Beautiful playfield! Ball drops also in excellent condition.

Original target decals.


Playfield underside and cabinet were "very clean" to begin with and just needed a vacuum.

Cabinet inside cleaned and repainted - Looks Factory Fresh!

Excellent condition all around!!
Original manual and spare parts bags included.

Backglass has no marks.

No burnt connectors or shoddy rework.

Cabinet is in excellent condition. No drill holes!!

Small scratch on right side - touched up.





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