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Customer Feedback

"There's treasure at TreasureCove!" TH, Az  
"Honest & fair ... what a great job!" DS, Mi

"Cleans each and every part ... leaves no part unturned" MS, Mi  

"Exactly as I expected - no surprises!" JDS, Ca

"Other sellers (dealers) on eBay should learn from the example TreasureCove sets ... you guys ROCK!" ED, In

"Thanks again, you're a true credit to the pinball community" CB, N

Our eBay Feedback
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Welcome to the
TreasureCove Pinball

Restoration, Sales and Service of Pinball and Video Arcade games.

Our new website is up and running, so please visit us here:





Ready to purchase a high quality 'restored' pinball machine?
Visit our "READY TO BE RESTORED" webpage for a wide selection of games. Don't see the game you want?  No problem, just give us a call (502 291 1699) as we have access to just about any game manufactured in the past 50 years.
SEND US YOUR GAME FOR RESTORATION Do you have a pinball machine that needs restoration?
No problem, just give us a call (502 291 1699) .. we'll give you all the details on how to ship the game to us, estimates on restoration costs, and time to finish.
PLAYFIELD RESTORATION SERVICE Are you performing your own restoration, .. but need a professional to restore and clearcoat your playfield for you?
No problem, just give us a call (502 291 1699) .. prices run $650 and up for quick turnaround service (usually less than 2 weeks!!)
NEED A GAME NOW? Ready to purchase a high quality already 'restored' pinball machine?
Visit our "MACHINES FOR SALE" webpage for games that are Ready to Ship now.
Need info on our SHINEMASTER Cleaner/Polishing Kit? Ready to purchase the best Cleaner/Polishing Kit, used by more restorers in the business today?
Visit our "POLISHING KIT" webpage to see how you can make your playfields shine like TreasureCove's games!
NEED DECALS for your game? Ready to purchase a high quality decals for your pinball machine?
Visit our "PINBALL DECALS" webpage for all your needs!
NEED YOUR GAME SERVICED? Live in the Southern Indiana or Louisville area? If so, just give us a call (502 291 1699) ..  we can come to you, or you can bring the game to our ship for service.

Tales of the Arabian Nights
Sideboard Decal Sets now available!

WOW! They really make the game POP!!
"now where's my magic carpet?"  :)
CLICK HERE for more details


Note: All Williams/Bally reproduction decals and decal sets sold by TreasureCove are licensed and authorized by Planetary Pinball, All rights reserved. These decals are approved by Williams/Bally and are 'Official WMS replacement decals'.


Our company history:

TreasureCove, is a home-based business located in Jeffersonville, Indiana, just 5 minutes north of Louisville, Kentucky. The TreasureCove team is made up of myself, Allen Shope, my brother Ray, and my sons Kevin and Brian. Together, we do all the pinball restorations in our shop (our two car garage).

Allen. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering, and have been involved in theHow long do I have to keep smiling? Electronics Industry since 1971 when I got out of the Marines. In 1984 I opened my own Personal Computer Store in Arizona, and at one point had over 100 employees. I always enjoyed handling the advertising, marketing and sales of the machines, and because of that, became proficient using CorelDraw and PhotoPaint. I also restored Bingo machines as a hobby and my first flipper game I restored was a "Nipit". In 1998, a divorce caused me to move back to my hometown here in Southern Indiana and start fresh. For me to start doing restorations full time was a "natural" - and my sons and I work very well together.

Kevin managed all the purchasing chores, accounting and technical service back at our computer stores in Arizona and has an extraordinary business sense. He also has an uncanny knack for finding "a better way" to accomplish just about any task!

Brian managed our internet service, back in Arizona, and, as such, is knowledgeable in "all things internet". For everything from Website management, to C++ programming to Adobe Illustrator - Brian is the man! Not only does Brian enjoy restoring the machines, .... but he also seems to "just love" playing them as well!   ;) 

How long do I have to hold this up?
Brian working on The Getaway!

I wanna REAL JOB!!!!
Kevin finishing up a JunkYard

 We take our time restoring each pinball machine and our main criteria is that we restore each game as if we were going to keep it ourselves! Ray and I got "hooked on pinball" back in 1977 when we restored a Bally Beach Club Bingo machine. Needless to say, we've been restoring games and enjoying this business ever since.




All about TreasureCove

We have over 20 years experience in restoring pinball machines, and are well-known for our meticulous attention to detail!  We "do" the work that the other dealers won't or can't ... we recondition each machine TOTALLY back to original factory specs - as close to "new" as humanly possible, and when we're finished, the machine should give you many years of trouble-free service!  We don't just "Shop Out" a pinball machine ... We Restore It!!

Customer Service and Support:
If you are experiencing a problem with one of our pinball machines or have any question about a machine, please call us at (502) 291 1699




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Here's a BLAST from the PAST ...   an advertising video
circa 1990 from SHO-TRONICS  Computers:
(I was the President, CEO)

(ahh... what memories!  :)

Part 1:


Part 2:


Special thank you to Clay Johnston for saving this
infomercial !!!! (he worked in sales/marketing)

and Props go out to all the people who used to work for me.
We sold alot of PCs, and had alot of fun!  .. people like Paul Potter, Dennis Jones, Alfonzo Larriva, Mike Nordel, Mike Connor, Lee, Ron, Dennis, Veronica, KK, Sandy, Mark S, Clay J, Rick C, George Lima, Scott, John Copolillo, Gordon Borck, J Irving, and many many many more.

Remember this ad?...

Is YOUR business going to the Dogs?
Iron out the wrinkles with a SHO-TRONICS Computer!!!

If any fellow SHO-TRONICS employees should ever come up on this site,
 ... please send me an email, or give me a call, I'd love to hear from you!!


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